Sunday, September 19, 2010

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 MOTTS >>>>BAD APPLES >>I support the workers...

by Mary Anderson on Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 12:41am
A Successful Company
Mott's parent company, Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS), paid CEO Larry Young $6.5 million in 2009. The company is profitable and successful with its stock rocketing 35% since their most recent earnings announcement in February of 2010. In fact, their stock price is outperforming the industry as a whole by 443% since that earnings release (as of April 2010).
A Bad Apple
Meanwhile, members of RWDSU-UFCW Local 220 in Williamson, NY, have been trying to negotiate a contract with Mott’s, a subsidiary of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. The company has slashed wages by as much as $1.50 an hour for each and every employee, and is trying to take away the workers’ pension plan. There is no economic necessity for what the company is seeking to do. They are a profitable, growing company.
But instead of being a responsible corporate citizen, Dr. Pepper Snapple and Mott’s are looking to take advantage of the economic misery of upstate New York. They are looking to take money out of the pockets of workers not because they need to but because they feel that they can get away with it and that workers will have no choice but to accept their offer.
Mott's Makes the Following Products:
  • Mott's Apple Sauce
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • Margaritaville
  • Mr. and Mrs. T Products
  • Rose's Lime Juice
  • Snapple cans
  • Mott’s Fruitsations
  • Mott’s Garden Cocktail
  • ReaLemon / ReaLime
  • Holland House
  • Clamato
  • Call Mott's at 1-800-426-4891 and tell them you support the workers in Williamson, NY!
All I can say is Motts is not doing anything that any other corporation is not doing right now. It is and always has been about their bottom line, not about the workers, not about what anyone but the "bosses" of the company want and the money that goes into their and the shareholders pockets.

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  1. Your right gryph.
    That company is indeed just doing what every other company is and/or would do in a similar situation BUT that doesnt make it right or even acceptable.

    For me, boycotting that company wont be a problem since the only thing Ive ever bought for myself that they make is rose's lime juice.

    But everyone must do what they themselves determine is right with harm to none.