Thursday, March 10, 2011

A rant from a friend

If the New Right wins.. Your type won't have to worry about leaving a huge debt for their grandchildren that so worries you today. Your grandchildren will be too busy having rotten teeth because their will be no fluoride in the water. Your grandchildren will once again have polio and small pox because your side has been convinced these shots are not needed, your grandchildren will not have to worry about an education because their will be no child labor laws anymore, they won't need school because they will once again be used as slave labor with no bargaining rights Workers will once again work in unsafe conditions and for piss wages because there will be no unions and nobody to represent them-and with little money to survive on let alone break out of their conditions. The country will once again have unsafe water, air and soil and die from influenza and plague as they once did because all these programs will be cut, and are being cut as we speak, for the sake of the almighty dollar! There will be no social welfare programs nor mental health programs available so the streets will turn into slums and diseased ridden holes with bodies once again littering the streets because the corrupt health insurers won't pay for medical help. Our bridges, roads will be in ruins because nobody wants to pay taxes for the upkeep. There will be more crime than the remaining police can handle because your kind doesn't want to pay their salaries. Buildings and homes will burn because there is not enough firemen. Instead of your grandchildren thanking you for not leaving them with a huge debt, they will hate your guts and understand just what kind of money loving, hateful, racist beasts forced them into their pitiful existence all because of their twisted love of money and racial hatred. Will we allow this to happen? Hell no we won't! We took your kind out in the Civil War. We took your kind out in WW1 and WW2...and we will take you out again. Get ready. We are coming. We will not let you succeed simply because your side is totally wrong. And the problem in Wisconsin has just begun, not ended. Screw the John Birchers and the New Right...will will kick you asses to the curb, so bring it fools. "Beware the rage of the righteous, even Satan runs." Start running Birchers!!!! We are done with you, you stupid ignorant, racist Koch sucking morons.