Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Have I said that I hate the Republican leadership?

I'm sure I have far more than once and yet here they are pulling a bone headed stunt to give their rich buddies in the corporations tax breaks that this country can't afford. And what are the Democrat leadership far they haven't grown their balls to speak up and say enough!

Well, tell you what this TAX PAYER is saying ENOUGH!
What set me off is this:

And  then of course is the you tubes about the Koch brothers, there are three segments to this. I wonder just how many of the Tea Partier's know who is funding their way on the trips and for them to be out there with the signs and everything...I wonder if they realize they are being used for the gain of big corporations?

And of course the Republicans are playing right into their hands with this. They have been "wooing" the Tea Party and their candidates from the beginning, I bet they thought they were going to turn the Tea Party into the new Republican Party.

Speaking of the Tea Party, how about this little gem?

Some of the Tea Party leaders who were once "staunch" Republicans and what they are trying to do to our Constitution.

Do the Tea Party folks realize that they will end up wearing the collars of their Corporate masters if they don't wake up and see what they are doing to themselves and our country?
And how about McCain, the "war hero" who supposedly suffered at the hands of the V.C. in a prison camp.  

Which gives us cause to ponder on just what kind of a hero McCain actually is. With reading this I actually think he is more of a traitor and in his years as senator in AZ he has take away more benefits from the military folks than he has fought to give us. We who also wore the uniforms of the different branches of the military.

Or how about this?

Hearing from one of their own that the GOP has ruined the budget and seems to be doing it every chance they get. What more do we need to show us that the GOP is not on the side of the working class people?

With all of this at our fingertips on the internet, why aren't the Democratic leaders using this information to the benefit of the people? They are claiming to be fighting for us, but they are sure picking a lousy way of showing it. How often has any of the senators asked or talked to any of their constituents about how the health care reforms are doing for their small businesses or for the individuals who are using what has been set up and is going?
Why aren't the leaders showing the proof that is out there about how the health care is getting better for folks or how the tax cuts that have been given to the middle class is actually working? Or any of the other one hundred plus things?
Many of which can be found here:

I could probably say more, but you get the point, even a Moderate has their breaking point and I'm so ready to find something other than the Coffee Party and the Tea Party to show those in government just how pissed I am, that they keep playing games with the lives of the folks they are supposed to be serving, those of us who are NOT CORPORATIONS and voted for them(in my case the Democrats) anyway.