Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I know it had to come up first, but...

...my only question is it too little, too late?


Its about time he stood up to those who would love to keep the rich richer, but its time for them to pay their fair share. I will admit there are a few rich folks who have philanthropy stuff going on, but most of them don't give to anyone but themselves. Why else would our government have to use the IRS to go after tax cheats, what with their off shore accounts and many other ways to hide what they have.

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  1. I couldnt agree more with you on this.

    Ive never regretted voting for him but even so, there have been times that Ive been disappointed in how he's responded to certain events beginning with his allowance of rick warren to deliver the inaugeration speech which wouldnt have been as bad except that the good bishop robinson was in effect silenced even as he gave his speech just because he's gay...Then theres the D.O.J. thing in regards to prop 8...Obama could have condemned them publicly for that but chose not to.

    Im still glad I voted for him, mainly because mcbrainless and palin would have been a disastor but obama can and should do better...And he's gonna have to if he doesnt wanna end up with a bad rep like wrong way bush.