Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Getting rid of Don't Ask, Don't Tell

The story I had originally put up here was Senator Al Franken speaking on half of the GLBT community in opening up the military to all, by getting rid of Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
I'm sorry that I didn't write it out and put it up before now, but I've been trying to hide as it was coming up on the "holiday season" and its the time of year I hate most working retail. But on to the reason I'm speaking out on this now.

I was so deep in the closet when I was active duty and I would have been a much better soldier if I had been able to be myself, a full person instead of half a person controlled by using alcohol to cover the hidden part of me. There were many women who were raped as a way to make them straight,(along with the fact that women were raped, just because they were in "men's territory" by being in the military) before they were kicked out of the service in the '70's was not what I wanted for me and I had wanted to be a solder far more than I wanted almost anything, except being a writer.

Possibly this week we, the United States of America are coming up on the congress voting on if gay, lesbian and trans folks can serve openly and honestly with out having to hide who we are in our military, for our country.

Other countries have their gay(using as an umbrella term) citizens serving openly and there are no problems, so why can't we?
Is there anyone out there that can give me a good reason, with out using religion as a basis for keeping those who want to serve out of the military, especially when we need them the most with the two fronted war going on?

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  1. Your kidding...Right ?

    The damn bible thumpers/homohaters couldnt find their own asses let alone a good reason to discriminate...At least, not without a map with arrows and circles drawn on it.

    Good article indeed.