Sunday, September 19, 2010

From a friend on Facebook

 MOTTS >>>>BAD APPLES >>I support the workers...

by Mary Anderson on Sunday, September 12, 2010 at 12:41am
A Successful Company
Mott's parent company, Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS), paid CEO Larry Young $6.5 million in 2009. The company is profitable and successful with its stock rocketing 35% since their most recent earnings announcement in February of 2010. In fact, their stock price is outperforming the industry as a whole by 443% since that earnings release (as of April 2010).
A Bad Apple
Meanwhile, members of RWDSU-UFCW Local 220 in Williamson, NY, have been trying to negotiate a contract with Mott’s, a subsidiary of Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. The company has slashed wages by as much as $1.50 an hour for each and every employee, and is trying to take away the workers’ pension plan. There is no economic necessity for what the company is seeking to do. They are a profitable, growing company.
But instead of being a responsible corporate citizen, Dr. Pepper Snapple and Mott’s are looking to take advantage of the economic misery of upstate New York. They are looking to take money out of the pockets of workers not because they need to but because they feel that they can get away with it and that workers will have no choice but to accept their offer.
Mott's Makes the Following Products:
  • Mott's Apple Sauce
  • Hawaiian Punch
  • Margaritaville
  • Mr. and Mrs. T Products
  • Rose's Lime Juice
  • Snapple cans
  • Mott’s Fruitsations
  • Mott’s Garden Cocktail
  • ReaLemon / ReaLime
  • Holland House
  • Clamato
  • Call Mott's at 1-800-426-4891 and tell them you support the workers in Williamson, NY!
All I can say is Motts is not doing anything that any other corporation is not doing right now. It is and always has been about their bottom line, not about the workers, not about what anyone but the "bosses" of the company want and the money that goes into their and the shareholders pockets.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Now something local - Wichita, KS.

This is a good thing. Even though I'm not impressed with it being called Obamacare.

Dan Manning: Had conversation with a small business owner who just told me because of
..."Obamacare" she is saving money and can now hire another person.

I think that needs to be shouted from the roof tops, it would be interesting to find out just how many more folks are benefiting from something the Republicans and insurance companies didn't want to happen.
So how can we find out, where are the statistical sites that can put up the numbers for us? This would really be good to share so that all the GOP, who think they can bully their way into office with the saying, its no good, I'm going to repeal it...etc... can be shown that they were wrong and its time for them to go elsewhere for their living.

I'm sure what ever promises they make

Will not really be good for the common citizen of this country in the long run. They prefer corporations over the everyday person, they prefer to have money in the pockets of the rich, most notably themselves. They prefer to use religion, race and education as divisive points in our country, instead of using them to bolster and make things better for the middle class.

Is this what we really need in our government?

A G.O.P. Leader Tightly Bound to Lobbyists

Pro-business and anti-regulatory is  not always a safe thing for those of us who are working class citizens. Yes businesses give us jobs, but at what cost to the workers, as one of my posts will show, hopefully later today.

Isn't this the kind of thing we are trying to get out of Washington? What good are lobbyists who only speak for their corporation?

50 years ago this speech was made

 It should be shown and talked about more, especially now.

Especially since so many of the radical right or the born agains, what ever they choose to call themselves say our country should be, which is not what it was meant to be in the beginning.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Good show Rachel!

She says everything on this that I can think to say. And the Tea Party believes them.
The Tea Party is a part of them and they are fools for believing in fakes like this.

Of course they are

and at this, they are showing just why we need to get rid of "health care insurance" as it has turned out to be.

It seems they will do anything to line their own pockets, no matter who it hurts.

In this day and age one would think we, of all nations in the world would have the best, kick ass care for all of our citizens, but no, we have mediocre care at best and insurance companies that dictate to the doctors what the patients should and shouldn't get and how long the patients should stay in the hospital, how long they should have therapy of what ever kind for the shortest amount of time that the insurer is willing to pay for. Never mind that the patient has probably been paying their hard earned money into this insurance company for years, decades in many cases, just to get crapped on by these folks when they need the help the most.

So how can we get the health care insurance folks under some semblance of working together with those who need it and the company's monetary bottom line?
I don't know, but we really need to get it done soon, like before the Republicans and the Blue Dog Democrats get back into office and take away the few changes for the better that we have now.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

How do we deal with these kind of folks in our military?

I feel for the young man who called and spoke with his parents about this before he got added to the charges. With all the documentation he has, they should let him out of the charges, but who knows if they will do that.

Not to mention what is someone with brain damage and on meds doing in a combat situation? Why isn't he pushing paper or some such thing in the states?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I am going commercial...

In a way. I work hard, but every cent I can make goes out the door just as fast as I make it. So in order to take better care of my furred family etc... I'm doing the "Unthinkable" and tagging my site with an ad or two. Don't click on the ads to help me out, they are for those who will be serious about what they want to buy. This won't change my writing style either, I'm still very serious about saying how I see things and what I see as usable and not usable and making our country the best it can be with the least amount of  bull tripe.

I got this article off of Facebook tonight

It is a good read, and while I'm not a conspiracy buff, I do know that there have been changes made to our laws favoring the Christians. Mind, I am not against those who believe in the Jesus Pantheon, but to actually have laws that favor one religion over another is just plain wrong and unhealthy for our country. Our country was never supposed to be a theocracy, it is a Democratic Republic, with protections for those who are minorities. After all who would ever want their rights voted on by others, specially those in the majority.

My thoughts 

Well, let’s get it on the table folks-this country and our Democracy are being hi-jacked by a “rabid” faction that has started with and has taken over the GOP.  Corporate America, in the name of Koch and others are fueling this process by funding the movement.  The radical evangelical right-made up of gullible “jesus” fanatics are being lead down the road of fascism by a mormon leader by the name of Beck.  These religious mushrooms are being fed by Beck straight from the Hitler playbook of Mein Kampf.
What Sinclair Lewis said was true and it has arrived-make no mistake it is here and the nightmare is in the form of the GOP !
This plan started many years ago in fact, back to the mid 1930’s when a group was formed after a failed coupe planned by Prescott Bush to overthrow our government and FDR.  The group of “jesus” freaks was headed by David Coe and they called themselves “The Family”.  These men believed they were “the Chosen” and took portions of the bible to twist and distort on how they wanted to believe.  They also read and believe many of the writings by Hitler found in Mein Kampf.  They infiltrated our government by being a “secret” and closed group-not to be discussed outside of the members.  They became elected officials of Congress and slowly started to “change” our government to fit and reflect their beliefs.
They remained in the background-quiet and waiting........
Then, we had the likes of paleoconservatives:  Buchanan, Falwell, Graham that preached of “jesus”, but didn’t have a clue what Jesus was really about.  Then the Savior of these people and the Republican party appeared-Reagan and the true demise of this country and democracy as we know it started !  And then we have George H. and George W. Bush.  What a devil’s duo-especially the latter.  Under Dick Cheney leadership-George W. ran this country into the ground and changed the face of America and not for the better.  GW Bush believed his divine intervention came from God and was just-sound familiar ?    When President Obama was elected the “Family” was not happy-their agenda had been interrupted, so they and former leaders-Bush, Cheney- Rove set upon a plan to bring Obama and the Democrats down at any cost !  The Palin, Beck, and Limbaugh movement by the faux propaganda machine is being used to incite violence, hate and bigotry and keep the right wingers stirred up.  Now, the nightmare is here-we have fascist funding of the bible thumpers who think the GOP is going to represent them and their needs.  What these folks don’t have a clue about is they are being bold faced lied to and used.  They are being conned into voting for the GOP, Corporate America and the "elite rich".  This is all being done in the name of jesus but not any Jesus I am familar with.  Yes, jesus or so “The Family” wants them to believe !  The “Family” has finally reared its ugly head and revealed its glorious, self righteous plan.  First, they want this country to be a Christian based nation - they will make sure you believe they way they want ! They will change our laws to fit their beliefs.   No jews, muslins, buddists, atheists and certainly no gays-they will find a “special” place for this people who contribute to the “moral” decay of society.  It will take awhile to weed out and find these people, but they will and it will be just and all done in the name of jesus.  First comes America, and then the world  .................  they are marching !

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I know it had to come up first, but... only question is it too little, too late?

Its about time he stood up to those who would love to keep the rich richer, but its time for them to pay their fair share. I will admit there are a few rich folks who have philanthropy stuff going on, but most of them don't give to anyone but themselves. Why else would our government have to use the IRS to go after tax cheats, what with their off shore accounts and many other ways to hide what they have.

So, since I have opinions and friends who differ

And the two sides are usually not listening and are angry that neither side can see how they feel or think, I have chosen to use facebook for my bull shit stuff and this site for my rants over what I see.

This is how I see things, how I think about things and how I feel and they are from my personal filters. If you don't like what I have to say, then don't come here and read it. Stay on facebook and see the mundane person that I will be there.

I'm not always pleased with our government, but I'm more pleased with most of what is going on now in this country. I do have alot of animosity over the fundamentalists on all sides, they are the ones who put the rest of us at risk, just because they want things their way and don't give a shit who they hurt along the way.

Our country would be a whole lot worse off with McCain and Palin in office, in fact I don't think we would even have a country by this time. I think if we go backwards in this country we will soon be a third world country ourselves and I don't want that to happen.
Obama may not have been the best, but he is the best for this time and has gotten things done. Maybe not as much as I would like to see, but...eight years of neglect can't be undone in just a couple of years.