Friday, September 10, 2010

Of course they are

and at this, they are showing just why we need to get rid of "health care insurance" as it has turned out to be.

It seems they will do anything to line their own pockets, no matter who it hurts.

In this day and age one would think we, of all nations in the world would have the best, kick ass care for all of our citizens, but no, we have mediocre care at best and insurance companies that dictate to the doctors what the patients should and shouldn't get and how long the patients should stay in the hospital, how long they should have therapy of what ever kind for the shortest amount of time that the insurer is willing to pay for. Never mind that the patient has probably been paying their hard earned money into this insurance company for years, decades in many cases, just to get crapped on by these folks when they need the help the most.

So how can we get the health care insurance folks under some semblance of working together with those who need it and the company's monetary bottom line?
I don't know, but we really need to get it done soon, like before the Republicans and the Blue Dog Democrats get back into office and take away the few changes for the better that we have now.

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