Thursday, September 9, 2010

How do we deal with these kind of folks in our military?

I feel for the young man who called and spoke with his parents about this before he got added to the charges. With all the documentation he has, they should let him out of the charges, but who knows if they will do that.

Not to mention what is someone with brain damage and on meds doing in a combat situation? Why isn't he pushing paper or some such thing in the states?

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  1. Im amazed too that they kept him in with his injuries...All I had was chronic depression and avoidance personality disorder not to mention emotional anxiety and according to my girlfriend, a bit of paranoa yet it states on my DD214 that I never should have been let in...BUT since theyve decided to keep him in in spite of his mental trauma then his testemony should definatly be admissable.

    As for how that shit coulda happen...Im not surprised after having bush for 8 years, of course the militarys gonna be corrupted... =(

    As for how it should be handled...Kick the bums out and investigate like crazy from top down to get rid of the rest of the loonies.