Monday, October 31, 2011

When a group leader takes things too far

And behaves badly. The group's name is in this rant.

From my friend's page:
I support OWS, I really do. However, please understand that all of these "uniformed servicemember stands up to police" images aren't truthful. An active duty servicemember is forbidden from protesting or participating in any government type activity like that while in uniform. Hell, I think it's actually even against the rules for them to vote while in uniform. Uniformed servicemembers are to show no political bias.

And here is what we went through:

Me: The uniformed service members you see are veterans and no longer are active status.

Friend: A lot of them, but there is one of a young looking man in a dress navy uniform with no rank insignia, no ribbons..I get a feeling he never was active duty...they are being put out as though some of these guys are active saying "veteran supports OWS in uniform" that's different...

Me: I have no idea who is saying they are active, but every report I've seen is that they are all vets.
 Me: In fact the young man in Oakland was a Iraq Vet.

This is the story we were talking about:
An AMAZING scene of One Man who swore an OATH to his country to fight to protect...

Me: If he were still active, he wouldn't want to show patches or ribbons. If he were still active, his picture alone would get him court martialed and thrown in a brig for many years and kicked off active duty status.

My Friend:that's true...but man..those uniforms are farking expensive to use in such a way....I just get fed up with people trying to be something they aren't and I'm kind of a cynic...I've seen too many times somebody pretending to be something so they get more attention, ya know?

Me: Yeah, I know. I've met plenty of wannabes too and get just as steamed when I know the person is in the wrong for acting like they are something they are not.

We survived Bush. You will survive Obama. 

My friend: did you seriously block me from the page for pointing out that active duty military members are not permitted to protest in uniform? I have support
ed your page for ages now, I have shared your information and am a HUGE supporter of OWS...I simply dislike when things are put forth in a less than truthful manner..saying that these brave soldiers are doing all this, when this guy is not showing any rank insignia, anything to show he even ever served in the Navy..anyone can get themselves a uniform and put it on...

If you did not block me and it is a fb glitch, I apologize, but if you did I am deeply saddened. I thought your page was more about being truthful and honest about what is going on in the world and with our government, not spreading propaganda and emotional blackmail type images.

Him: The problem is you did not say in either of your posts that "active duty military members are not permitted to protest in uniform." What you did was call me a liar. If you've been a fan of my world renowned, award winning page with over a million views EVERY DAY then you'd understand why I have zero tolerance for slanderous comments on my forum. For what it is worth several people in the comments section said you over reacted in your comments, but I had banned you before that happened.

This is my house, not yours, and if you are not respectful you will not be allowed to participate. You do not get to be terse with me, I could care less. Do you understand that I do not work for you and do not care what you like or do not like? Have you ever put a penny in my pocket? And yet you have the nerve to tell me what I should or should not be doing? I have a great idea. Go start your own page that receives millions of hits and pass out your loving commentary for the world to read.

With such a charming personality I am sure you will go far in such an endeavor. Do not bother to respond, anything you send will be immediately discarded.

Dr. Lou Colagiovanni

Me:I never called YOU a liar. I stated that the information in the video was untruthful. Granted, I didn't say it specifically, I did not expect that you would take it personally, I figured you would recognize that I was responding to the video stating that it was a navy person, when there is no evidence supporting that besides a partial dress uniform.

After this discourse, you will no longer have my support and I will encourage my friends to avoid your page as well. You can throw your statistics at me all you want, that makes you no better than the others who sit on their high horses and try to speak down to the regular person who is a victim of the big names and pompous attitudes. Shame on you.

My Friend: And now he has become a liar saying I went begging to be allowed back on the page, I did NOT...could somebody please go on there (who isn't afraid of being blocked LOL) and inform the rest of his page? Even if he had unblocked me, I would not have returned.

Another post he made: 
I laugh at these people who leave rude messages on our wall, which gets them banned, and then are completely shocked in their e-mail they send begging to be unbanned. Here's an idea! Be civil the first time and I won't have to waste my time reading your message and responding with a big fat NO!

If there is one thing I dislike above all else it is rude people.

And yet there he is being rude to a woman who is a military wife and a friend of many veterans, including me; so I wen t to that site and said this:
Wow dude, you blocked and then called someone a liar for questioning the sailor? And then you lie and say the person begged to come news for ya. She wouldn't come back if you unblocked her and she's not the kind of person to beg when she is treated unfairly.

He was so rude in fact that he cut out all the comments My Friend had made from the original posting of the story where the sailor was standing in the video.

And so he just had to have a last word, but didn't get it.

Him: I really just don't care for you attitude or sense of entitlement. I owe you nothing and I could care less what you or any of your friends do or say about me. Do you have any comprehension as to the amount of resistance and attack I deal with from the right on a daily basis? Please forgive me while I shiver in my boots at the thought of losing YOUR support. Whatever will we do without you?

My Friend: You have attacked me, you have insinuated that I am a troll...after I have supported your page for a long time now. Now you are outright LYING about me. I have no sense of entitlement, I don't know where you are getting that. I haven't asked you for a single thing, and if you believe I have, please quote me and let me know because I can break it down for you as you seem to be a little too full of yourself to understand clear English.

I didn't attack YOU, or your page..yet you are so full of yourself that you believe that any statement is directly pointed at you. I pity you.

And so from here on out, if you don't see the We survived Bush. You will survive Obama site on my page; you know why. I will be unliking them soon.



    This is a topic I made on a local forum with snapshots of a conversation that was had between my brother-in-law and the pompous ass that is the "founder and CEO" (he has a staff that he sends memos to, he says) of WSBYSO .. He's a serious tool.

  2. This guy is a total ass hat. I was banned recently for defending people with ADHD. Our e mail exchanges turned ugly when he told me to go fuck myself. I think he needs anger management counselling.

  3. I got a lovely Fuck you letter from him as well for simply asking if GM and Chrysler were hiring.

  4. I've left that page also because he's a douchebag who can't handle even polite dissent from people who even REMOTELY express an opinion. If he thinks active soldiers SHOULD be allowed to have an opinion of the country they fight for, he's allowed to HAVE that opinion... but ffs, no sense in being such an ass...

  5. Paul
    Hi. I demand to know why I was blocked from posting on the We survived bush you will survive Obama page.

    3 hours agoLou Colagiovanni
    Paul, you demand? I'm the owner, so officially, go fuck yourself. I do not answer demands from anybody. Who do you think you are? You are certainly not my boss, and you certainly do not pay my how you can demand beyond my comprehension.

    3 hours agoPaul
    I simply asked why I was blocked. If you want to be rude about it, that's your prerogative. The fact that I still haven't been told why speaks volumes. Reported, to Facebook, and to all the other popular liberal pages.

    3 hours agoLou Colagiovanni
    Paul, you were rude first.
    You didn't 'simply ask', you certainly didn't say 'please', either.

    3 hours agoPaul
    No I wasn't, I was demanding to know because I wasn't given ANy reason as to why I was blocked. You preach liberalism and anti censorship, but what you're doing is in fact, censorship. I will now ask nicely, why was I blocked?

    3 hours agoLou Colagiovanni
    You do not think it is rude to demand things of people who you have never spoken to...or who owe you absolutely nothing?

    3 hours agoPaul
    SORRY I USED THE WORD DEMAND. I'd like to know why I was blocked.

    2 hours agoLou Colagiovanni
    Well, without looking at my records - my first guess as to why you were blocked is because you are clearly an asshole.
    By the way, please go to every other page and complain that you were banned..and post a link. I will gain more members by you doing so. Thank you for your support, but it is no longer wanted or needed. Farewell.

    2 hours agoPaul
    I'm an asshole because I was blocked from a page, that i have posted on and supported for a long time, for no reason whatsoever, and when I ask why, I'm told to go fuck myself, and other rude quips. Please get off your power trip.

    This is after I merely posted a comment to a picture he posted of 2 obese children at McDonalds. He asked "who's to blame? the parents or mcdonalds? I replied to the post saying it was the parents fault, and it was an old picture. I got a lot of likes, 30 seconds later, I'm blocked from the page. For THAT. And he didn't even have the balls to tell me that's why I was banned, because I told him an old pic was old.

    He can act big and bad behind the safety of his monitor all he wants, if he talked to me like that IRL, I'd beat his ass. Mind you I was one of the FIRST people on that page when they started it and have supported it as such. What a power tripping moron. I screencapped everything and rather than posting it to liberal sites, I showed it to the tea party. Have fun dealing with those idiots, douchebag. NEVER censor me.

  6. Mother Fucker! This is fucking amazing.. Sorry, I say Fuck.. Alot. Fucking look at all these people that fucking douchbag has banned/stopped permitting from speaking their minds.. WSBYSO is being run much like our country.. Fuck this dude... Fuck everything he stands for.. This pussy ass Nazi can't handle the truth. Censor my dick you fucking Asshole! He said i was hiding behind a fake name. I replied if you knew my real name would that make you any less of an idiot.. <--- my post before i and to post this one was obviously witty but not crossing the line, if you have a sense of humour.. and for the record if someone can get it to him.. my name is Chris Yezarski / Simon Templar on Facebook 3916 Old Cherry Pt. Rd. New Bern N.C. 28560 such a bitch ass can't even bear a difference in opinion or a fair debate..
    please watch and share the video below... It's time to wake up America, take back our country, if it's not to late already..

  7. I run a 12 million viewer demographic blog, with a near 50,000 fan base on Twitter and 100k across all social networks. I can't approve comments on my blog anymore, and just block them.

    I sure as fuck can't reply to each individual tosser who comes along and wants to talk shit even if I wanted to flame them and have some fun. So I highly, extremely, cynically doubt that this guy is pulling the figures he claims on some facebook page.

    Btw, @bashpr0mpt ... add me, I'll follow back, AND give you a reach around.

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  9. I cannot stand that page, nor the douchebag who runs it. A week ago, he posted my name and email address on the page. Why did he do this? Well, the night before, he posted a picture very similar to this one to which I responded, “I don’t get it. What is this supposed to mean?” Several others responded in the same way. After about 20 negative comments, he removed the picture. I can only assume it was because he felt like an ass and a drunken fool. I was then banned from posting or commenting in the group, as were the other folks who questioned the picture. So, I decided to email him to ask why he banned me. I did not think I had done anything offensive. That was Sunday. Not only did I receive several emails from him, but I’ve gotten anywhere between 50-150 emails a day for the last week from his subscribers. Since then, he has posted several pictures and updates bragging about the fact that he got away with it. He has also made several posts over the last few days offering to advertise for small businesses, so I have no doubt that the guy is a scam artist of some sort. His posts can be fun and his info is useful, but it can always be found elsewhere because he’s in it for all the wrong reasons.

  10. He's still at it.

  11. I had a run-in with this guy today. Here was my offending post to WSBYSO:

    "I haven't seen any rudeness [as claimed by the banned individual], but I do echo the sentiment on focus [expressed by a previous poster]. The few times that posts have veered into criticism of faith in general, rather than of intolerant fundamentalism, have struck me as not really being representative of progressive liberal thought. I think as stewards of civil liberty, we need to protect the right to believe or not and to worship or not, regardless of our faith or lack of the same, so long as such behaviors do not prevent others from freely expressing and exercising their beliefs."

    Less than 10 minutes after my post went live, I was blocked from the page, and my post was deleted.

    I politely requested an explanation. This was Colagiovanni's reply:

    "You claim to be an expert of progressive liberal thought.

    "Prove your credentials that make you so high and mighty to judge others progressiveness. In fact, in my opinion -- which is the only that matters in these're the one who isn't a progressive. You are just a conservative in disguise, looking to control the thoughts and minds of others.

    "I am not impressed by you, or your final comment."

    Several more emails have followed. I have attempted to maintain a nonconfrontational position despite his douchebaggery.

  12. Wow! I see I should have come back here a long time ago! Thank you all for sharing what kind of run in's you've had with that man. I don't miss his attitude or the FB site he has.